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Airplane maintenance and assembly
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Airport Logistics - systems for reliable cargo and baggage handling

Technology for High Throughput

The success of airport logistics depends on the speed of the workflows and the reliability of the processes. The systems designed by Lodige for reliably handling any amount of cargo and baggage at airports take cycle times to a new dimension.

We make sure your air cargo business is profitable

We combine proven technology, innovative processes and intelligent workflows to ensure success, guaranteeing faster handling, efficient space utilization, and the highest level of availability. Incorporating your specific requirements is very important to us and we work with you to develop solutions for systems and individual components.

Our experience is your investment

With more than 60 years of experience in airport logistics, we offer products and systems which represent maximum quality and reliability. Our experience combined with a high level of innovation enables to interlink all logistical processes effectively at the airport, ensuring high throughput.

Overview of our Solutions:

AIR CARGO HANDLING  From completely automated systems to individual equipment for transporting, storing and repacking air cargo units.
BAGGAGE HANDLING Efficient baggage handling and sorting solutions, including the loading of luggage items into ULDs.
CATERING LOGISTICSDesign solutions that meet airport requirements in the form of space-saving systems for storing food.
ASSEMBLY AND MAINTENANCE Automated handling and storage of aircraft parts, tools and also working platforms for assembling and maintaining aircraft.
PARCEL HANDLINGHigh throughput logistics systems for the handling of courier cargo at airports.

Download our brochure and discover more about our systems and machinery for reliable cargo and baggage handling. 

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