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Car scissor lift MAGUS©: space-saving parking of one or two cars

Park the car on the platform and let it magically disappear in a pit

The car scissor lift  MAGUS© from Lödige is a perfect solution for parking one or two cars in a very confined space.

A significant advantage of MAGUS© is minimum space requirement. This is successfully achieved through the integration of the machine into a pit. Thanks to an overhead canopy, a flat and even surface is provided and the lifting table, i.e. the parking position is fully covered. As a result a vehicle is parked in a pit and the overhead surface remains completely intact. Furthermore, as it requires a low installation height, a classic shaft is not necessary.


Max. lifting height 2.99 m
Max. speed 0.15 m/s
Stops 2
Pit depth 350 mm
Man riding not allowed
Particularly suitable for 1-2 parking places

Advantages of the car scissor lift

  • Saves on construction space as a ramp is not required
  • Creates two car parking spaces in even the tightest locations
  • Safe operation with fingertip control
  • Bio-oil used to protect the environment
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Possible applications of MAGUS:

Single-family detached home

Thanks to the MAGUS© scissor lift, the car sinks into a parking garage in the basement, already at the entrance area. The parking space is fully covered and can be driven over. MAGUS© makes it possible to park one or two cars in a very confined space.


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