Logistics Systems and Lifts

Lift and logistics company Lödige Industries specializes in logistics systems, goods lifts, car lifts, lorry lifts, cargo systems and airport logistics. Lödige have been helping companies from a whole range of industries since 1948 by creating bespoke products. 

Our solutions and services cover a broad range of different application areas. Thanks to our expertise in mechanical engineering, logistics systems and service, we develop sophisticated systems for our customers. As a result this makes the transfer of goods, materials and people particularly economical and reliable.

The main focus behind our vast range of products is increasing the clients productivity. With 70 years of experience we have extensive industry knowledge which we use to help our customers.

Contact us for more information on how we can help you. 01784221180 / uk@lodige.com

Lödige offer the complete range of goods lifts, whether you require a goods only lift with no pit for a mezzanine or a 20 ton goods lift for a large manufacturing plant, we have the right solution. All of our goods lifts are designed and manufactured at our head office in Warburg Germany and our full range of products is bespoke, so we can offer any car size, door size, load or colour you need.

Lödige offer the complete range of car lifts, whether you need a space saving scissor lift or a proven hydraulic car lift, we have the right solution for your building. Our car lift range is fully bespoke so we can offer sizes or loads to suit clients requirements or can design lifts around site restrictions with shafts, pits or headroom spaces. All of our car lifts are designed and manufactured at our head office in Warburg Germany.

Lödige are the World leader in designing and manufacturing lorry lifts. Our high quality lorry lift products are available to suit our clients requirements or site restrictions. We have supplied lorry lifts Worldwide for many years ranging from 20 tonnes to 100 tonnes.

Due to the high volume of traffic, looking for a parking spot in urban centers has become a big challenge. In response to this, Lödige offers automated car parking solutions that make parking faster, safer and environmentally friendly.

The success of airport logistics depends on the speed of the workflows and the reliability of the processes. The systems designed by Lödige for reliably handling any amount of cargo and baggage at airports take cycle times to a new dimension.

Lödige offer bespoke maintenance solutions to suit our clients requirements and equipment.