Smart parking for the urban demands of today and tomorrow

Car park systems CUBILE®

Automated Car Park Systems. Smart Cities have come up with a new way to increase the quality of life by having car-free streets. For this to work, they need more spaces to park, well planned parking places can be a way out of the traffic and parking chaos. Car park systems like this will allow you to park more than double the amount of cars in the same footprint. There is also no endless searching for spaces and there is very little security risk to vehicles.

The CUBILE® car park systems from Lödige display fast, simple and safe parking. Unlike normal car parks, drive-in ramps and large turning spaces are not needed. This systems can also be installed in current buildings. Often, we work closely with Architects to assist with plans to include this product in new projects. Planning these systems is a complex task so it needs to be discussed as early on.

Fully automated car park system (DOKK1, Aarhus)

Key figures

107seconds - average parking time since july 2016
cars have been parked in the fully automated public car park system DOKK1 (Aarhus, Denmark) since summer 2015
123seconds - average retrieval time since july 2016

Parking for the urban demands of today and tomorrow

  • Park more cars in the same space
  • No more driving around to find a free parking space
  • Parking in comfort
  • Can be added to current buildings
  • Safety for cars, no risk of scratches
  • Eco-friendly: no gas emissions
  • User-friendly: easy to use
  • Improved City scape: less space consumed

Fully automated car park systems CUBILE®

Parking with a Lödige car park system is quick, safe and easy. We increase the use of space where there is little room for parking. 

The Lödige car park range includes systems for parking from ten to more than a thousand cars. State-of-the-art technology and IT solutions result in reliable and innovative system solutions. Car park systems can be designed around the customer. Following your plans we can integrate into both existing and new buildings.

To find out more about this new and exciting product get in touch with the UK office today. We can supply budget costs and traffic flow charts to show just how beneficial these systems can be.

pallet based automated car park systems



A car park system for housing and office buildings. This system can move up to 50 cars and the pallet based technology can be fitted with ease and ensures flexible space is used. 

more about CUBILE®P



Offers pallet less parking for public buildings, this is a parking system for more than 50 cars. The trump card for this car park is the high throughput, thousands of cars can be moved and parked safely and quickly.

more about CUBILE®S

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