Lorry Lifts by Lödige

Lödige are the leading company for projects that require lorry lifts. We have completed many successful projects over the years and have become the number one supplier for lorry lifts in the UK.

We offer a full range of scissor lifts and hydraulic lifts for lorry’s, trucks and vans ranging from 7,500kg to 100,000kg loads. With a vast range of car sizes and door options as well as control systems and design available, we can tailor your lorry lift to suit your requirements.

We have installed lorry lifts on many exciting projects in the UK including major theatres and prestigious residential developments. Whether you need a truck lift or a 100,000kg scissor lift we can design the most efficient space and time saving product for you

All of our products are designed to last and highly engineered, with all the components named high quality parts that are fully open protocol. All of our lifts are designed and manufactured by us and everything we do is bespoke to suit the client, architect or consultants requirements.

We have some excellent reference sites in London, Birmingham and Leeds and continue to be the number one supplier for lorry lifts in the United Kingdom.

  1.  Save time unloading goods in a safe manner
  2. Save space in your building interior with loading and unloading directly from the lorry
  3. Safer way to unload and transport goods (no stairs or less carrying)
  4. Save space and builders work
  5. Bespoke car sizes and door configurations to suit site requirements
  6. Bespoke loads from 7,500kg to 100,000kg
  7. High quality proven technology
  8. Full compliance with Machinery Directive and EN81 regulations 

If you think a lorry lift would be a good solution for unloading and loading a building quickly, rather than slower old fashioned methods, then please contact us for assistance. At Lödige  we can design a lorry lift to suit your site, usage and budget.

We are looking forward to finding the right product for you!

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