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Puzzle car parking system 5BY2

Pallet based technology

The pallet based parking system 5BY2 is characterised by a very compact and flexible design. The 5BY2 technology utlises a puzzle-system, similar in concept to a child's sliding tile puzzle. By individually controlling the sliding pallets, a wide variety of layouts is possible. The 5BY2 solution is particularly suitable for residential and office buildings as well as for neighbourhood garages. Because wherever a high parking density or a flexible floor plan is required, our 5BY2 technology offers architects and planners an optimum solution.

Since 1992, we have installed more than 60 automated parking systems utlising this technology. Our first 5BY2 system, installed in Amsterdam in 1992, is still in operation today. 

Drivers park their car  on a pallet in a cabin. The cabin is the only interface between the driver and the car park. From this point everything is automatic. The door of the cabin closes and the car is transported downwards by lift. From there the car standing on the pallet is brought to a free parking space. Depending on parking density requirements and user group, the 5BY2 technology can be used as a pure pallet system (highest parking space density) or in combination with transfer vehicles (increased speed).

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Benefits of the 5BY2 technology

  • Recommended for office buildings and residential areas
  • Easy retrofit in existing buildings
  • Pallet based technology
  • Flexible use of space
  • High availability rates

Find out how convenient it is to use the automatic parking system and get to know the 5BY2 technology.

The next generation of automated parking

Now 5BY2 parking technology for large cars (up to 3 tonnes) and with e-charging stations

Lödige Industries installed a fully automated parking system in London with a capacity for 29 vehicles, all equipped with charging stations for electric vehicles.

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Key figures

5BY2 track record

59 projects

automatic parking systems worldwide

27years in operation

our oldest parking system in Amsterdam


smallest current space required per car in one of our parking systems in New York


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