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Car Lift PEGASOS for an apartment house in Koenigstein

November 2014 | Königstein, Germany

Lödige Fördertechnik GmbH supplied a PEGASOS car lift for an apartment house in Koenigstein, Germany. The lift is used as an access to the garage in the basement.

The lift shaft is enclosed and has an optical appearence of a drive-in garage. By remote control, users can call the elevator. The entrances are secured by automatic rolling shutter doors.

Facts and figures

Koenigstein, Germany

Completion date:

Resident car lift


Number of levels:
2 (underground)

Platform dimensions:
(L x W): 5,800 x 2,600 mm
Load capacity: 2,700 kg
Lifting height: 4,520 mm
Clear passage height: 2,100 mm

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