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Goods Lifts Installed in Dublin

Two 1500 kg SHERPA goods lifts have recently been installed for a mechanical retailer in Dublin. 

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ULD Storage Facility

Lödige UK has recently completed an extension to a ULD storage facility at a UK airport.

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Double 18 Meter Goods Lift Installation

A large project has recently been completed for a super warehouse with two 5 stop ESCORTA goods lifts. Both of these...

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Retail Goods Lift Installed

Lödige UK have installed a 2 stop goods only lift for a popular high street store in the West Midlands. Multiple goods...

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Large Free Standing Goods Lift installed in the Midlands

Lödige in UK have recently completed the installation of a large ESCORTA® goods lift for a carpet superstore in the...

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18 Meter Goods Lift in Progress

Lödige UK are in the process of installing an 18 meter goods only lift. This is the tallest version of this particular...

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Goods Lifts for Multi-Story Self Storage

Lödige in UK have just finished the installation of a 2 stop, 2,000kg goods only lift for a popular self storage centre...

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Twin Goods Lifts Installed for Book Warehouse

Lödige UK have recently installed two identical goods lifts next to each other at a book warehouse.

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Goods Lifts for Hospitals

Lödige in UK has been specified as the goods lift supplier for several private hospitals across the UK as part of a...

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