OLYMPUS: Heavy Duty Goods Lift

Heavy duty goods lift for the simple and efficient transport of loads

Integrate automated freight elevators with AGVs and AMR

The OLYMPUS heavy duty goods lift is the perfect solution for warehouses and production areas. Make vertical transport easy with our range of high-performance freight elevators, available in a variety of load capacities and cabin dimensions.

The combination of reliable basic equipment and sophisticated technology like AGVs and AMRs makes these elevators essential helpers in everyday work. Versatile and easy-to-plan, their modular concept enables different versions, depending on the application profile and structural conditions. 

The OLYMPUS series of heavy duty goods lifts are available as oil-hydraulic elevators or with cable drive. Up to 8 levels can be connected with this standard freight elevator, and it can transport up to 20 tonnes.

What’s more, the Lödige OLYMPUS heavy duty goods lift series uses high-quality standard components. This means they are extremely affordable and can be delivered at short notice.


High level of flexibility and adaptability
Rugged solutions for storage and production facilities
Use of high-quality standard components
Extremely reasonably priced
Modular design enables different configurations to be implemented

OLYMPUS technical data

Load capacity* max. 20,000 kg
Nominal speed* 0.15 - 0.6 m/s
No. of stops 2 to 8
No. of entrance 2 to 16
Lifting height Up to 30 m
Cabin width 2,000 to 8,000 mm
Cabin depth 3,000 to 20,000 mm
Cabin height 2,000 to 8,000 mm
Passengers Allowed
Shaft dimensions Shaft dimensions such as shaft pit, shaft head height, shaft width and depth available on request depending on the rated load and lifting height.
Door configuration One side loading and or through car loading possible
Operation methode Deadman or automatic drive
Sill load 60% of the payload and 85% of the payload for usage of forklift trucks. With pawl device Sill loads over the payload possible
Fork lift truck With pawl device possible
Engine Hydraulic power pack with Pump-Engine-Under oil unit
Hydraulic Direct or indirect, according to technical requirements
Control system Push-button control in microprocessor technology with extensive control functions
Norm Lift Directive RL 2014/33/EU and DIN EN 81-20:2014


*Special designs in terms of size, conveying height and material possible on request. Technical specifications for planning purposes only. Subject to change.

Download planning material

  • Planning Bundle OLYMPUS
    Example of heavy goods lift Tender specification, sample drawings (pdf & dwg)

Possible applications of the OLYMPUS heavy duty goods lift:


In production facilities, heavy duty goods lifts freight and goods lifts enable the fast and easy movement of goods between different levels. Our AGV-ready factory automation solution further ensures that production processes can be sped up and improved. 


Our OLYMPUS freight elevator is particularly suitable for transporting extremely large and heavy goods weighing up to 20,000 kg.

Logistics and Distribution

Freight elevators are optimally suited for use in logistics companies. Tailor-made and easy to install, they can greatly simplify and improve process flows.


Our OLYMPUS heavy duty goods lift can transport up to 20,000 kg and is therefore suitable for particularly heavy goods. In addition, Lödige’s AGV freight lifts can be designed so that they can be accessed by forklift trucks or tugger trains.

Event and Shopping Centres

In event and shopping centres, goods and heavy loads have to be transported quickly. With the help of goods and freight elevators,, it is possible to easily transport goods to different levels away from visitors and at the appropriate delivery points.


Our OLYMPUS goods lift makes it possible to transport a larger number and heavier loads at once. 


Our heavy duty goods lift can be integrated very well into hotel operations. Our OLYMPUS is particularly suitable for transporting cleaning trolleys and laundry separately from the hotel guests.


In addition, you have the option of installing lift options for the staff or protection through the key switch.

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What is to be transported? What is the manoeuvring space? What is the weight load? This whitepaper guides you through the essentials of goods lift dimensioning. 


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A heavy-duty goods lift, or freight elevator, is a specialised type of elevator or platform lift designed for the efficient and safe transportation of heavy loads or goods between different floors within a building. These lifts are engineered to handle substantial weight capacities, making them well-suited for industrial, commercial, or warehouse environments.

These types of lifts typically have a high load capacity carrying significant weight. This can range from several hundred kilograms to several tons, depending on the specific model and application.

As a result, they are suitable for handling heavy machinery, equipment, pallets, large containers, and other bulky goods.

An AGV, or Automated Guided Vehicle, also referred to as a self-guided vehicle, is a type of material handling system or load carrier that operates independently of any operator or driver. They are designed to travel throughout a warehouse, distribution centre, or manufacturing facility, carrying out various tasks related to the movement of materials.

AGVs are usually either integrated with or replace forklifts and conveyor systems. They are commonly used for transporting raw materials, such as metal, plastic, rubber, or paper, from the receiving area to the warehouse or directly to production lines. AGVs ensure a consistent and reliable supply of raw materials without the need for human intervention, guaranteeing uninterrupted production and material flow.

The OLYMPUS heavy goods lift and freight elevator offers several benefits that make it an ideal solution for storage and production facilities:

  • Convenient Vertical Transportation: The OLYMPUS heavy goods lift provides easy and efficient vertical transportation of goods within storage and production facilities. With its high load capacity and lifting height, it enables the smooth movement of heavy loads between multiple floors.
  • Flexibility and Adaptability: The OLYMPUS series includes ten highly efficient standard lifts with varying load capacities, cabin, and door dimensions. Its modular design allows for different configurations to be implemented, making it flexible enough to adapt easily to specific needs and structural conditions.
  • Reliability: Heavy duty goods lifts are designed to withstand the demands of storage and production environments, providing a rugged and reliable solution for vertical material movement. 

The OLYMPUS lift is designed for easy and efficient operation in storage and production facilities. Its user-friendly controls, autonomous operation, and modular design contribute to a straightforward experience.

Comprehensive safety features ensure the protection of operators and goods during transportation. Proper training is provided for operators, further enhancing ease of use.

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