2. Car Lifts
3. Residential parking (RESPACE)
4. Lorry/Truck Lift
5. Public parking (CUBILE)

Space-saving Car Parking Solutions

Experience true freedom with Lödige Industries car parking technology

Save space when parking cars with the Lödige user-friendly car parking solutions. Featuring state-of-the-art parking technology, we develop, realise and upgrade parking solutions for a single car up to over a thousand. Our diverse parking management systems can be adapted to individual requirements and integrated perfectly into both new and existing buildings.

Smart car parking technologies

With in-depth specialist knowledge and state-of-the-art technologies, we create space for safe, convenient parking. Our car parking solutions are easy to operate and feature a high level of system reliability. We work hard to incorporate your specific requirements, whether you require an indoor or outdoor car parking system.

Parking solutions for a wide variety of applications

Residential Parking

Extreme space-saving and e-charging ready:
our parking technology for residential and commercial buildings parking can enable your building permit and financial close.

Public Parking

User-friendly parking with high-performance technology: geared towards high frequency and fast retrieval our automated parking systems add space and appeal to your public building project.

Car Lifts

Lödige car lifts offer a wide range of solutions that enable vertical car transportation. These solutions render space-consuming, expensive ramps and ascents superfluous.

Lorry Lifts

Bring your delivery traffic to a new level:
A truck lift raises the lorries directly to the building or within the building to the appropriate level.

Productfinder for Car Park Solutions

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Or an automatic parking system?

Lödige’s intuitive product finder shows you suggested solutions for your project in just three steps.

Results are displayed directly to you, with no registration required.

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Car parking management tools for architects and planners

Find and plan the right car lift or parking system for your individual building project, from preparation and briefing through design concept, manufacture, construction and use.

Learn more about the support in the planning phases

Key figures

parking spaces*
parking systems*
parking spaces under Lödige service*

*Installed systems, refurbished systems and systems under construction


Vijzelgracht, Amsterdam (Netherlands)
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Mizal, Dusseldorf (Germany)
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BLOX, Copenhagen (Denmark)
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Cinema Luxor, Bensheim (Germany)
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DOKK1, Aarhus (Denmark)
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    Benefits of automated parking systems
  • Lödige Industries - Focus on architecture
    The projects explored in this volume show, represents an answer to the challenges of urbanisation: saving space where it is at a premium, facilitating access in ever denser urban areas and reducing pollution.

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Car Parking Solutions

Space-saving and user-friendly car parking solutions for storing from 1 to 1000 cars or more

Our parking solutions portfolio

Explore our full portfolio to discover the best solution for your project.

Automated parking systems

Optimum use of floor space for underground car parks, residential, multi-purpose or public buildings

Explore our car lifts

No space or desire for an access ramp? Transport cars up or down with our space saving, reliable car lifts.

Ease logistics with our lorry lifts

Grant easy access to your inner city buildings with our proven lorry lifts up to 100 tonnes.

Service, maintain or upgrade with us

Our service solutions ensure your parking solution keeps working for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A smart car parking system is an advanced solution for efficiently managing parking spaces, especially in busy urban areas. It employs sensors, data analytics, and communication networks to provide real-time information about parking availability, guide drivers to vacant spots, and enhance the overall parking experience. 

Smart car parking solutions typically include components such as sensors for detecting and tracking vehicle locations, analysis for assessing parking space availability, and communication systems to relay information to a central control unit. 

They then communicate with users through various technologies like mobile apps or display boards. This technology-driven approach aims to address the challenges associated with parking in crowded areas.

Smart parking systems offer a range of considerable benefits for you and your property. They have the potential to free up considerable space, enhance security, lower CO2 emissions, and provide a quicker and more efficient parking experience. However you employ them, they are a valuable addition to residential, public, and multi-purpose buildings.

There are a number of differences between traditional car parks and smart car parking systems. Traditional car parks require more space for car doors to open and pedestrian access, while automated systems can create up to 60% more parking space by eliminating the need for pedestrian access and access ramps.

Smart car parking systems also utilise sensors, data analysis, and communication networks to provide real-time information, and enhance security. This makes them a more advanced and convenient option for both property owners and users.

Operating a Lödige car parking system is designed to be user-friendly, offering features such as secure booths, efficient processing, and integrated control apps. With expert support available for planning and implementation, our car parking management systems aim to make parking operations as easy and efficient as possible for property owners and users.

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