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VERTICAR: Compact and functional scissor lift for cars

Transform your home or office with a VERTICAR scissor lift

The VERTICAR vehicle scissor lift turns your vision into reality. With robust hydraulic technology and a seamless facade, the VERTICAR is easy to install and will fit into your home or office garage with ease and efficiency.

Its sophisticated technology is based on our more than 70 years of experience in the design and manufacture of car scissor lifts. Thanks to its compact design and flexible cabin size, it fits perfectly into construction projects with limited space.

PARK-AND-HIDE with solid technology, simple handling & elegant facade

The VERTICAR is a hydraulic scissor lift that has been specially designed for transporting cars and passengers in confined spaces. Type-tested according to the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and DIN EN 1570-1, the VERTICAR must always be built into a closed shaft on site. The control cabinet and drive unit are housed in a small enclosed power unit room.

Function and facade even for building projects with limited space.

Benefits of the VERTICAR scissor lift

As a car parking solution for homes and small spaces, the VERTICAR vehicle scissor lift comes with a range of amazing benefits. They include:

Easy to operate

By app and push of a button


The smallest shaft available in the market and low headroom

High-quality facade

Modern doors and full integration with building facade

Quick installation

Installation on site within 1 week

Sophisticated technology

Based on 70 years of experience

Call car lift via app

Contactless operation of car lifts for smart and safe access

With our smartphone app solution, users can call and operate car lifts via smartphone. The integrated administration tool lets you easily add or manage users and restrict or grant access saving time and cost.

More information about the Lödige app solution

Part of the facade or garage look?

You determine the facade!

The VERTICAR car scissor lift uses Hörmann's elegant automatic sectional doors as standard. This gives you the choice of integrating the door flush into the facade or selecting from the equally elegant and functional surfaces from Hörmann. Its modern design, combined with proven technology, allows for efficient access to the underground garage.

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Technical data

Lifting height 3,500mm
Speed Max. 0.15m/s
Load Capacity 2,500 – 3,000 kg
Number of Stops 2
Cabin size (width x depth) Max. 3,000 x 6,000 mm
Cabin height 2,000mm
Shaft size (width x depth) Cabin width + min. 400 mm x cabin depth + min. 50 mm
Operation By push & hold button
Passengers Permitted in vehicle
Norm Tested to 2006/42/EG and EN 1570-1 
Number of Parking Spaces <15 parking spaces
Electricity Supply 3/N/PE AC 400 V 50 Hz, PN= 8 kW, In = 16 A

Possible applications of VERTICAR:

Single-family detached home

With the VERTICAR car scissor lift you can create more parking spaces in your home. As the lift replaces a long entrance ramp, cars can be parked easily in an underground garage or the basement, saving space. 

With its sectional door, the VERTICAR car lift resembles a garage entrance or can be integrated into the facade. Due to its quick installation, the lift is the perfect car parking solution for your single-family home.

Apartment houses

With our car lifts you can create additional parking spaces in apartment buildings to give residents an easy and luxurious parking experience,without having to reduce living space.

The car lift VERTICAR is particularly suitable for the development of up to 15 parking spaces in basements.

Office buildings

Our car lifts save the space of an access ramp and create more parking spaces in your office building. The quick and easy access ensures a comfortable parking experience for you and your employees.

Our VERTICAR is particularly suitable for accessing up to 15 parking spaces in the basement, making it the perfect car parking solution for office spaces and apartment buildings.

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Faster parking for added flexibility

Max. lifting height:
25 m

Max. speed:
0.6 m/s

Pit depth: 1.250 mm

Particularly suitable for
up to 40 parking places


Less frequent traffic - less space required

Max. lifting height:
25 m

Max. speed: 
0.15 m/s

Pit depth: 850 mm

Particularly suitable for
up to 26 parking places


Easy to plan: no pit - no machine room

Max. lifting height:
24 m

Max. speed:
0.15 m/s

No pit required

Particularly suitable for
up to 20 parking places

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