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Goods Lifts for Everyday Use

Lödige Industries has been providing bespoke goods lifts for over 70 years, in this time we have developed a wide range of lifts that can be used in many types of buildings. In the UK over 1200 lifts have been installed so far.

There are three types of goods lifts on offer from us here at Lödige UK. The goods only lifts and the goods with passenger lifts that can both can move up to 4,500 kg and also the hydraulic goods lift that can move up to 50,000 kg. The goods and goods passenger lifts range travels up to 18 meters while the hydraulic lift can travel up to 24 meters in height. Having goods movement that can travel such a big distance can hugely benefit workflow. Each lift is suitable for various different types of projects and sectors, we can give you advise on which type of goods movement is suitable for your needs.

We put a lot of focus into the high quality of our products. All of our lifts are designed and manufactured by us in Warburg, Germany. Everything we do is bespoke to suit your needs and to help to boost your work flow. The SHERPA range comes with a fully clad shaft and is free standing. This is a huge money saver as there is no need for a shaft or motor room. Therefore this will also save you a lot of space.


Always Improving

We have now been established in the UK for over 30 years. Many successful projects have been completed across the UK so far. Because of our hard work, we are the number one supplier of goods lifts for Consultants, Architects and Contractors. 

Pallet lifts, factory lifts, mezzanine lifts, warehouse lifts or bespoke goods lifts are all on offer. Challenging projects are always welcome, we take great joy in difficult tasks that help us grow and evolve as a company. Our lift installation and maintenance teams are very experienced with goods lifts. Being experts in their field makes these workers a huge asset to us and to you. We can offer short installation times as we have workers based across the country. Having workers in different regions means less travel time. All Lödige products are built to last and are highly engineered. The parts used are open protocol which means that the lifts can be maintained by other companies if desired. 



The Lödige goods lifts are diverse products which are suitable for various sectors. We provide goods movement solutions for manufacturing plants, warehouses and self-storage units, distribution centers and retail stores. There are many reference sites for each sector across the UK including large supermarket chains and well known retail brands. As a registered lift supplier of the SSA (Self Storage Association) we are a trusted partner to many self-storage companies.

Move more, do more.

Improve business productivity by moving more, in less time.

The SHERPA and the ESCORTA can now move up to 4.5 tonnes which reduces unloading time and increases throughput. It is now possible to reach similar lifting capacities as a hydraulic lift with all of the space saving benefits of the SHERPA. No pit, no machine room, a self-supporting steel frame shaft and much shorter installation times all resulting in a smaller overall project cost.

Which Lödige lift would be a solution for you?

Modern tailor-made goods lifts with easy installation

goods only lift SHERPA

SHERPA Goods only lift

The goods only lift SHERPA is a perfect choice when only goods should be transported. Delivered with a free-standing lift structure and with no pit requirement, SHERPA can be easily integrated into existing buildings and rack systems.

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SHERPA Goods only lift
Goods lift

ESCORTA Goods Lift

To facilitate multi-passenger transport with goods, ESCORTA goods lift is a perfect choice. Like SHERPA it can be easily integrated into existing buildings or rack systems and enables moving goods up to 4,500 kg.

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ESCORTA Goods Lift

SERWA Mezzanine Goods Lift

Max load under 1,000 kg
Usable plattform size up to 1,100mm wide x 1,600mm deep
Installation within one week
No shaft required (free standing structure & cladding)
No pit required and machine room required

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SERWA Mezzanine Goods Lift

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