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Cinema visits of a special kind thanks to converted PEGASOS car lift

The Luxor film palace in Bensheim easily transports a wide variety of film exhibits between building levels

A visit to the cinema is not only associated with a packet of popcorn, a cold drink and a good film, but also with a special atmosphere through the use of a wide variety of props. The Luxor cinema palace in Bensheim, Germany, has therefore had a PEGASOS car lift from Lödige Industries installed to transport various film exhibits and props to and from the cinema.

The Luxor film palace on the way to the right lift solution

Like many cinema buildings, the film palace Luxor in Bensheim has several floors due to the very high cinema halls. In order to make going to the cinema in the entire building an experience, the large film exhibits on the individual levels needed to be regularly adjusted and replaced. Therefore, the search was on for a suitable lift solution to transport the heavy and bulky film exhibits.

Together with the architectural office Hansske Architekten from Kassel, the lift shaft was planned between the cinema halls. Therefore, the Luxor film palace was dependent on a very space-saving but nevertheless reliable lift solution. In addition, the civil engineering costs of an often required pit in the lift shaft had to be reduced.

The PEGASOS car lift is particularly suitable for transporting the exhibits at the film palace due to its compact shaft dimensions. A conventional goods lift would have exceeded the space available in the cinema building. In addition, thanks to a pit depth of only 140 mm, costly civil engineering measures could be dispensed with.

Therefore, in 2012 the Luxor film palace opted for a PEGASOS car lift. To comply with the fire protection regulation EN81-58, the PEGASOS was installed in combination with revolving doors. In total, the car lift can easily transport exhibits weighing up to 2,700 kg between levels. In this way, the Luxor film palace was able to have the building equipped with a lift solution and make the transport of exhibits much easier.

A PEGASOS rarely comes alone

To this day, the film palace Luxor benefits from the converted PEGASOS car lift in the cinema building in Bensheim. Exhibits such as the famous Star Wars figures shown above could be easily transported and displayed. A PEGASOS car lift was also installed in the same cinema palace in Heidelberg to provide the same convenience. The car lift in Heidelberg is furthermore accessible via the existing underground car park and thus enables dry delivery of the film exhibits.

Facts and figures

Bensheim, Germany

Completion date:
Mar 2012

Privat car lift



  • Comfortable transportation: the passengers can stay in the car
  • Narrow shaft dimensions possible: narrow columns
  • The opportunity to have several stops: the machine has a maximum lifting height of 24 m (in this case, 8m and 2 stops)
  • Space saving and cost-efficient: no machine room required and no cabin doors required

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