15 Meter Goods Lifts in Kent with 5 Stops

The customer on this project has worked with Lödige on various projects across the UK. When the end client approached them with the specification that was required, they immediately knew that Lödige would be able to provide a solution. Both lifts have a travel of 15 meters over 5 stops which can move 2,000kg at a time between levels. In order to keep up with the high demand from e-Commerce at the moment, the end client has built a new warehouse to increase production levels. The best way to maximise space within a warehouse is to build up, which is exactly what this customer has done. Having storage and packing areas on each level it is imperative that there is a reliable way to move goods between floors. A goods lift is the safest and most efficient way to move goods and items between floors.

On this project the customer has used one Sherpa goods only lift, and one Escorta goods with attendant lift. It is very useful for an attendant to be able to ride in the lift with goods, especially when there are this many floors to be served. The customer and Lödige worked together to come up with a suitable installation method due to a restricted headroom. Both lifts were installed using a spider crane due to their flexibility, compactness, and the amount of power behind them.

Like all Lödige products, the Sherpa and Escorta are manufactured in house at the Lödige Industries factory in Warburg, Germany by a team of experienced and highly qualified engineers. It is a great advantage to have the lifts manufactured and installed by the same company that designs them.

Solutions are available for all sectors across the UK, whether you need a warehouse lift, factory lifts, a retail lift, lift for self-storage or distribution centres. There are also a range of car lifts and lorry lifts available. For more information or for assistance on a project contact the UK team or call 01784 221140.

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