18 Meter Goods Lift in Progress

The contractor chose Lödige because of the bespoke nature of the project. With 5 stops and a load of 1,000kg, this goods lift has been designed to suit the end users precise requirements. With no lift pit or separate shaft needed, the contractor was able to save time and money. The lack of shaft required also reduces the room taken up by the goods lift. This SHERPA comes with a fully cladded self-contained shaft. The travel speed is 0.2m per second and there are one touch call and send push buttons. Above all, this product is very easy to use.

As a result of the product being fully open protocol, the end client can choose who services the lift. Lödige do offer a competitive maintenance package which is carried out by experienced and qualified engineers. With engineers based in several locations across the UK there are impressively short lead times available.

Lödige offer a full range of goods lifts and vehicle lifts. With over 1200 lifts installed in the UK so far there multiple reference sites for all products. All lifts are manufactured in the Lödige Industries factory in Warburg, Germany.

Paul Robinson, National Sales Manager for Lödige UK commented; "I am looking forward to seeing the finished product for this project. It is a great achievement for everyone involved."

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