2 New Lorry Lifts in London ready for Commissioning.

The Lödige UK office have been involved from the very beginning of this project when the consultant made contact to request assistance. Being the number one supplier for Lorry lifts in the UK – Lödige’s expertise are well known. Help can be given with tenders, drawings, design, specifications, budgets and more.

The customer on this project wanted a way to minimise obstruction in front of the building at all times. Often, having a delivery van or rubbish truck waiting outside on a main road can cause delay for both motorists and pedestrians. Space saving was another motive for this project, by opting to install lifts rather than use a vehicle ramp, a huge amount of space was saved.

A lorry lift is useful for multiple sectors, from theatres, to manufacturing facilities to residential developments a lift can be tailored to suit requirements. As with all of their products, the Lödige lorry lifts are bespoke products which are designed and manufactured by hand. The range can carry a load of up to 100,000 kg at a time between floors.

As well as the installation of the lifts, there is a team of UK based engineers who carry out maintenance contracts across the country. There are reference lorry lift projects in Leeds, Birmingham and London. All of which were installed by Lödige and still looked after by them today.

In addition, Lödige also specialise in goods movement, car lifts and automated car parking systems.

All products are manufactured in the Lödige Industries factory in Warburg, Germany. The factory was first opened in 1965 and has produced thousands of products since. Globally more than 50,000 projects have been completed across 40 different countries.

For more information on the products or for assistance with a project contact the UK office. 

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