5 Tonne Car Lifts in London City

The customer on this project needed 2 x 3 stop car lifts for their mixed use development in Central London. With high end residents in the building it is important to the client to be able to provide a minimum of 1 parking space per apartment as well as some visitor spaces. A car lift is the most efficient way to create more parking spaces by giving direct access to the building’s basement without the need of a ramp which can be very space consuming.

The end client has a prestigious design in mind, there was a bespoke interior request that Lödige was more than capable of achieving. For a lot of visitors, the car lift will be the first part of the building that is seen. The idea is to have a full black car interior which will be complimented by the colour schemes of the arrival floors.

Lödige has been heavily involved with the Consultant, Architect, Contractor and End Client from the beginning of this project. Being involved from the start has meant that Lödige was able to give helpful insight with what was and wasn’t possible. Assistance was given with the design, drawing, compliance, tenders and traffic calculations.

For more than 70 years, Lödige Industries has been manufacturing and installing car lifts around the world. All products come out of the factory in Warburg, Germany which has been functional since 1965.

There is a range of car lifts on offer which have different benefits, a member of the Lödige team will be able to advise which project is best suited to project specifics. Whether there is headroom restrictions, lack of pit space, or certain speed requirements – there will be a suitable product.

For more information on any of the Lödige products, email the UK team or contact the office on 01784 221140

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