6 Stops in No Time

The end client on this project requires a reliable and safe way to transfer goods between floors. With building restrictions in place meaning a structural shaft is not an option, the customer was keen to find a solution that would help them reach their productivity level. The Sherpa goods lift by Lödige comes with a free standing fully cladded shaft so is ideal for this project. The fact that there is no lift pit or motor room required which is an added bonus for this client. The room saved will be used to store more goods. Warehouse space is in high demand due to the rise in ecommerce so building up and using mezzanine floors is the most cost effective way to store goods. Brexit has also had a large impact on storage, many companies are choosing to buy in bulk in fear of spiked prices in the near future.

Safety is a priority in any warehouse, being able to confidently move goods in a safe and easy manner is very important. A mezzanine goods lift is simple to use and extremely reliable. There are several common safety and time wasting issues that are removed by using a goods lift.

  • No risk of damage to goods by a forklift
  • Reduced risk of injury to staff as they will not be carrying any goods up stairs
  • No time wasted with staff waiting for the forklift and its licenced operator to become free
  • Time saved as goods don’t have to be palletised and packaged to the same level for safe lifting as they would to be lifted by a forklift

There is a standalone goods lift range on offer by Lödige which can travel up to 18 meters over 8 floors. Whether it is goods only or goods with an attendant that need to be moved, there is a bespoke solution to suit.

The Lödige goods lifts are suitable for all warehouse types including refrigerated warehouses and warehouses with controlled humidity. As well as warehouse lifts, there are factory lifts, self-storage lifts and goods lifts for manufacturing facilities retail stores. In addition to the goods lifts, Lödige also specialise in car lifts, lorry lifts and automated car parking.

Lödige UK is part of Lödige Industries who are based in Warburg, Germany. All products are designed and manufactured in house by a team of dedicated people with years of experience in the industry. Initially founded 70 years ago, Lödige Industries is still a privately owned family company. Each stage of the manufacturing process for all products is closely monitored in the Warburg production factory.

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