8 Entrance Goods Lift over 14 Metres to start the New Year

The customer for this project has opened a new manufacturing warehouse in Leicestershire and chose Lödige to supply the much needed goods lifts. To save money and builders time they wanted to use free standing lifts rather than hydraulics. They were delighted to learn that Lödige could achieve the travel, cabin dimensions and load they wanted as free standing.

Both lifts are Sherpa goods only lifts and have 4 stops with 8 entrances. This allows the customer to utilise the lift from every floor and landing.  The cabin sizes are large enough to move sofa’s with a floor size of 2800 mm x 2800 mm x 2000 mm. These Sherpas have a travel of 14 meters and can move loads of 2500 kg between floors at a time. This product is versatile and extremely efficient. Having a fully clad shaft removes the need for a lift shaft and there is also no requirement for a lift pit or motor room.

Whereas the Sherpa can only be used to move goods, Lödige does offer a an Escorta version which can be used to move goods along with a trained attendant. Like the Sherpa, the Escorta is a free standing lift that can serve up to

Although the office was closed over the festive period, the engineers were still very much hard at work on installations and services.

Following a successful 2020, the UK Lödige Industries office is looking forward to working on many interesting projects in 2021. Handing over these lifts is a great start to the year.

For more information on the products and services on offer from Lödige, contact the UK office or call 01784 221140. Assistance can be provided with tenders, specifications, drawings and design.

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