9 Goods Lifts for Nationwide Online Supermarket

Lödige have previously worked with this customer on several projects that required similar lifts. Due to the huge growth of online food shopping, they have had to expand to keep up with the high demand. Once they had decided to open the new distribution warehouses, they knew instantly who would be supplying the lifts. This decision was based on the quality and performance of previous lifts manufactures and installed by Lödige. The end client prefers free standing goods lifts rather than a traditional goods passenger. This is due to the little amount builders works and small amount of space required. The Sherpa lift is a goods only lift that can be used in cold environments and does not require a separate shaft or motor room. The lifts on this project can move up to 3,000kg at a time over 3 stops at 0.4 meters per second. 

The UK team worked with the design engineers to come up with a special solution for extra car strengthening. The same solution has been applied to all 9 lifts. The goods lifts have all been manufactured in the Lödige Industries factory in Warburg, Germany and installed by UK based engineers. The travel, load, cabin sizes and appearance of the lift can all be tailored to suit a clients requirements. 

For information on what the Lödige goods lifts can do, contact the UK Office or call 01784-221140

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