A Goods Only Lift to Rely on

The end client on this project creates and stores parts for Aeroplane engines among other products. In a market such as this, there is a strong requirement for goods to be handled and stored in the safest and most reliable way possible. It is also crucial that there are no delays to workflow. The safest and most reliable way to move goods between floors, is to use a goods lift. Lӧdige offer a range of high quality and bespoke goods lifts that can be tailor made to suit client needs. On this project a Sherpa goods only lift was installed, there are 3 stops and a travel of 8 meters. One of the many benefits of the Sherpa is that it is a free standing lift that does not require a shaft or pit to be built, this was a huge factor for the customer as they did not want to waste builders time or spend money on the shaft if it wasn’t completely necessary. Even though this product is goods only, there is a similar model called the Escorta which permits the travel of an attendant. The Escorta is also a free standing model that can carry large loads up to 24 metres over 8 stops making the process of storage and distribution even smoother.

Being bespoke, these lifts can be designed with a travel of up to 24 meters over 8 stops and can have varying loads and cabin sizes.

As well as the manufacture and installation of the lifts, Lӧdige UK also offer national maintenance and service repairs. There is a team of experienced engineers based across the country who carry out services and maintenance on Lӧdige lifts as well as lifts made by other manufacturers. The team offer 24/7 callouts no matter where the location is in the UK.

For information on design, drawings, specifications, budget costs or compliance, get in touch with the UK office or use our free online configurator to create your goods lift.

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