All-rounder goods lift solution from Lödige Industries eases scenery changeover challenges for a TV studio in Cardiff

The hectic TV studio was struggling with problematic lifts and needed a reliable and spacious replacement lift system to seamlessly move scenery installations in and out of storage across multiple floors in line with a complex production schedule. Lödige Industries was approached by the facilities management partner to propose a reliable goods only lift solution that fitted within existing shafts and efficiently linked the TV studio with the building’s mezzanine scenery storage areas.  

The challenging project was further complicated by the fact that removal of the existing lifts and the installation of the SHERPA solution could not interrupt filming. The TV studio therefore needed the work to be completed out of hours, during studio downtime. By accommodating the request for out of hours installation, Lödige Industries was able to demonstrate a high level of commitment to the project’s ultimate success. The nationwide support network enables the provision of follow-up service on demand for the client.  

Following a formal tender process, Lödige Industries secured the order for the first lift in October 2020, with installation completed earlier this year. The TV studio has a dynamic and busy work environment with unique time pressure. Thanks to two new SHERPA goods lifts the production team can rapidly break down and install scenery set ups in line with the complex production schedule.  

The SHERPA goods only lift is an efficient and customisable solution for the vertical transportation of goods, type tested to European Machinery Directive 2006/42/EG. It is also fast to install, which was a key success factor for the TV studio project. Lödige Industries’ nationwide service team in the UK, offering prompt regional service and support on demand, was another important selection factor. 

A second lift was ordered from Lödige Industries in May 2021 and has been installed later this year. 

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