Another 20 Year Anniversary at Lodige UK

There are thousands of staff members across the globe working as part of a strong team, dedicated to family owned Lodige Industries. 

For more than 20 years, Neil Turner has developed IT solutions and supported our clients across the UK and worldwide.  He is the latest member of our team to be recognised with a 20 year long service award at Lodige Industries. 

Having started his career here implementing software solutions at the British Airways Cargo centre at Heathrow he has helped develop our latest Cargo Professional software products and continues to manage the provision of 24x7 live support and refurbishments for UK sites.

“This is a real surprise to be recognised for this long service award, I feel very lucky to have been employed by Lodige Industries back in the late 1990s”; said Neil Turner IT Executive.  

Michael Baul, Managing Director Lodige Industries in the UK said, “thanks to our Company ethos and management attitudes that so many of our team members have been motivated to remain working at Lodige Industries for such a length of time”.

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