Another Science Technology Lift from Lödige

The client is a science technology company that engineers materials for high profile parts. Some of the parts that are being created at this centre are large and heavy so a goods lift was required to make mobility around the building easier. With different projects running constantly it is important for the customer to have separate work areas that can be accessed easily regardless of which floor they are on.          

Lödige has a versatile goods lift range, the lift selected for this project is the Escorta. The Escorta is a goods with attendant lift that is free standing. Coming with its own fully clad shaft means there is no need for a lift shaft to be built which can save thousands on projects. Some of the additional benefits of this model are;

  • No lift pit (ramp or small recess)
  • No machine room
  • Bespoke cabin sizes
  • Project specific travel up to 18 meters
  • Can move goods as well as a trained attendant
  • Lift is open protocol so can be maintained by other parties
  • Doors can be colour co-ordinated to match the building design
  • Quick installation

There is a team of UK based engineers who carry out the installation and maintenance for all Lödige UK projects.

As well as the Escorta goods lift, there is the Sherpa goods only lift and the Serwa mezzanine lift. All of these products are free standing, easy to use and very reliable. Lödige products are designed and manufactured in the Lödige Industries factory in Warburg, Germany.

For more information on goods lifts, a mezzanine lift, a factory lift, a storage lift or any other form of goods movement for distribution centres in the country, contact the UK office.

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