Are you looking for a way to park more cars?

Using a car lift removes the need for ramp space and adds an element of luxury to your building. The Lödige car lifts can serve up to 8 floors and have a maximum travel of 20 meters. They are a bespoke product so the cabin sizes, doors, control panels and interior can all be designed to suit the client and building. There is an option to have max loads of up to 10,000kg which sets Lödige apart from other car lift manufacturers. With all products being made in house, the factory staff can ensure every stage is monitored.

Automated Car Park Systems allow more than double the amount of cars to be parked in the same space by removing the additional room that is needed for pedestrian access. This is a safer way of parking for both the driver and the car, there is no risk of car scratches or theft and the driver doesn’t have to walk around a car park. These systems can be added to both existing, and new buildings. The largest automated system in Europe was created by Lödige and has so far parked over 800,000 cars.

Paul Robinson, National Sales Manager of Lödige UK commented: “Here at Lödige we are always thinking of new ways to solve parking issues. With cities moving towards car free streets, a resolution is needed to safely park and store multiple vehicles. Our car lifts and automated parking systems are both great solutions.”

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