Automated Car Parking by Lödige Industries

The future of the automated car parking market is expected to be significantly influenced by the arrival of automated cars (driverless) and expected to continue to grow. Several cities around the world are already beginning to trial fully automated car parking systems, due to the huge advantages these products offer.

  • More parking spaces in the same building space (between 33% and 50% more)
  • Less pollution (as engines are not running)
  • Time saving for passengers dropping off and collecting cars (around 2 minutes)
  • Better security (no damage to cars, no collisions, no break-ins or theft)
  • Fully bespoke system which can be installed in new or existing buildings
  • Less building work
  • Efficient & safe

The Lödige Industries car park portfolio includes systems for parking from ten to more than a thousand cars and we have successfully installed systems worldwide. The Lödige Industries automated car parking system is modular in structure and can be designed entirely around customer requirements and integrated into both existing and new buildings.

The automated car parks work much easier than you might expect as driver's park their car at ground level in one of the entrance cabins and receive a parking ticket. The cabin is the only interface between the driver and the car park and from this point everything is automatic. The cabin's rolling gate closes and the car is transported below ground in a lift before it is collected by one of horizontal transfer vehicles and brought to a free parking space.

All of our automated car parking systems are fully bespoke and are designed and manufactured at our head office in Warburg, Germany.

Further to the above, we offer the complete range of lorry lifts, car lifts, van lifts and goods lifts which are all manufactured at our factory in Warburg, Germany. Please contact us if you require a lorry lift, car lift, goods lift or automated car parking solution on 01784 221140 or or visit our website


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