Car Lifts and Lorry Lifts in London

Lödige UK gets involved with a lot of projects in the United Kingdom throughout various sectors.

With over 1,000 reference sites in the UK, Lödige Industries has earned a strong reputation with British architects, contractors and clients. Specialising in tailor made products whether it is a goods lift or an automated car park.

The latest car lift project is about to get underway on London. A 2 stop 5,000 kg vehicle lift that will serve a private residential development. The developer completed research and realised that the addition of a car lift would hugely benefit the return on investment. With 35% more space created by removing the need for a ramp – this project will have 35% more car parking spaces which can be rented out. This is a selling point for future residents and adds an element of luxury to the building. As well as being able tailor the cabin size, load and travel of a Lödige car lift – the internal can also be customised. It is popular for upmarket buildings to start the theme of a building in the car lift with pre designed doors and walls.

Also in London at the moment, two lorry lifts are being installed for a mixed use development. A lorry lift is an effective solution to reduce traffic and congestion around a building in busy areas. Unnecessary delay is caused daily in London and other major cities by rubbish trucks and delivery drivers stopping outside a building to offload and collect. Having the vehicles sent directly to the basement is efficient, easy and time saving. Like the other Lödige products, the lorry lifts can be customised to suit the relevant load, travel and design.

All products are designed and manufactured in house in Warburg, Germany at the Lödige Industries factory. By doing everything themselves, Lödige have the ability to test all elements extensively, they take great pride in producing high quality and reliable products.

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