Car Lifts Creating More Spaces

Lödige UK specialise in bespoke car lifts and work closely with architects, contractors and end clients to design the most suitable product possible. All lifts are designed and manufactured in house in the Lödige Industries factory in Warburg, Germany.

These two particular lifts will be serving a new residential development in the heart of a busy town. The end client wanted to be in a position where they were able to offer underground, safe parking to all residents so have installed car lifts to maximise all of the available basement space. By opting for car lifts opposed to building a ramp, the building has created 25% more parking spaces in the same footprint. The product used is a hydraulic car lift which can move 5,000 kg at a time. The hydraulic car lift range can travel a total of 24 meters over 8 stops. As the Lödige car lift range is bespoke, they are designed and tailor made to suit specific requirements; from the cabin size, to the load and internal design.  

Car lifts are becoming increasingly popular in busy towns and cities, as the UK gets busier there is a higher demand for parking than ever before.

As well as vehicle lifts – Lödige also specialise in automated car park systems. An automated car park solution or puzzle parking system is suitable for various developments, whether it is a smaller project with 4 cars or a large project with 2,000 cars. Parking is safer for both the vehicle and driver and is a lot quicker than traditional multi storey car parks.

In addition to the parking solutions available, Lödige also have a wide range of goods lifts in the product portfolio. More than 1300 lifts have been installed across the UK by in house engineers so there are many reference sites for all products.

For more information on car lifts, automated car parking systems, goods movement or Lödige in general – get in touch with the UK office.

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