Car Lifts for London Developments

The architects for this residential development needed a way to increase the amount of parking spaces available in the building. By removing the need for a ramp to the basement and using car lifts instead, up to 25 % more space was created.

There are two types of car lifts on offer, there is the scissor lift option and the hydraulic lift option. Up to 8 stops can be served and 24 meters. The hydraulic car lift and the scissor car lift are both bespoke products that can be tailored to suit the client’s requirements. Reduced headroom and pit options are available and all parts are open protocol.

Architects in general are designing more basements to accommodate parking as a solution to lack of space. Lödige Industries offer support at all project stages to ensure the most suitable product is used whenever possible.

All Lödige products are designed and manufactured in house, the factory is in Warburg, Germany.

For more information on the products available, contact the UK office directly. 

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