Car Lifts for Private Houses in London

The owner of this property had an unused basement that they wanted to transform. With the addition of the car lift they will be able to park 2 cars in a space that was previously wasted. Previously, the cars were parked on an open driveway which posed a higher risk for theft or vandalism. By parking the cars underground there is a higher level of security for the vehicles, as they are not visible to members of the public.

As well as private houses, Lödige have also installed many car lifts for large residential properties, car showrooms, museums and mixed use developments. The vehicle lift range can move loads of up to 10,000 kg at a time up to 24 meters high.

There are many benefits to using a Lödige vehicle lift;

  • Enables use of basement space
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Added security for the vehicle
  • Element of luxury added to the property
  • Bespoke car sizes
  • Customised interior and doors
  • Open protocol parts
  • Reduced headroom and pit options
  • Option for no motor room

All Lödige products are designed and manufactured in house at the Lödige Industries factory in Warburg, Germany. Which each step monitored closely by an experience member of the team, there is very little room for error. There is a UK based team of engineers who carry out all installations across the nation so there is no unnecessary delays to the project.

As well as car lifts – Lödige also specialise in goods movement, lorry lifts and automated car park systems. With over 1300 projects completed in the UK so far there is an extensive reference list.

Lödige UK has been established for more than 30 years and offers help and support to architects, contractors, consultants and end clients. If you need assistance with drawings, tenders, specifications, design or compliance – get in touch with the UK office.

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