Car Parking System Underway in Central London

This automated car parking system is creating 5-6 parking spaces in an area that would only of been able to facilitate 1-2 cars. The system is devised of 5 x 3 tonne pallet spaces including 2 lifts, 1 turntable, 5 useable pallets and 1 spare for position movement. The spare pallet enables vehicles to be retrieved quicker and more efficiently. EV charging points are being added for all cars so charging will be done whilst parked, helping drivers get on with their way with a fully charged car. Something that will help the residents in the preparation for 2030 when all cars should be electric.

A residential development in Central London will certainly be grateful to be able to offer parking spaces to all residents. London notoriously has very little parking available, with the increase of properties the only thing left to do is to go underground.

There are multiple benefits of installing a car parking system. As the cars are parked in a secure space with no person access permitted, there is extremely low risk of damage to vehicles and theft. Overall, the user experience is much better than using residential on road parking or traditional parking lots. There is no risk of your space being taken and no time is wasted driving round to find a space. Lödige Industries have installed more than 60 parking systems across the world with some impressive reference sites.

Like all other Lödige products, the components for this system have all been designed and manufactured in house by experienced and highly qualified engineers.

For more information on the products and systems available from Lödige, get in touch with the UK office of call 01784 221140, someone will be happy to assist.

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