Central London Goods Lift from Lödige in the UK

Having already provided lifts to the end client before, they were keen for the contractor to place an order with Lödige. Being familiar with the product, the end client is already aware of the great quality of the lifts as well as how user friendly and reliable it is. The relationship initially began with this client more than 10 years ago, they have since had Lödige products installed in 8 sites across the south of England. The lift on this project is a 3 stop 1500 kg free standing goods lift with attendant, the Escorta. The Escorta is a diverse product that is easy to use and made from high quality components. Having a free-standing shaft means there is a huge reduction in builders time and costs compared with using a traditional hydraulic lift. There is no requirement for a lift pit or motor room (further savings) with a simple control box situation on or near the shaft.

With more than 1300 products installed across the UK so far, there is a vast amount of reference sites for potential customers and users to visit. By seeing a product and testing the usability it can be much easier to make a clear decision on what would work best on site.

There are a variety of goods lifts on offer ranging from a basic spec mezzanine goods lift to a hydraulic goods passenger. All products are designed and manufactured in house at the Lödige Industries factory in Warburg, Germany.

For information on any of the products available or for assistance with a project, contact the UK office. Help can be given with budget costs, drawing, design, lift specifications and tenders.

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