Commercial lift solution upgrade - Beehive Self Storage

Lödige clients come from a range of sources, but we get a lot of recommendations from existing or previous commercial lift customers who have been happy with our products or services.

This was the case with Beehive Self Storage: When they were looking to upgrade their existing system, made up of two legacy model lifts, they based their choice on the recommendation of another self-storage company; an existing Lödige Industries customer.

Beehive Self Storage has been offering storage facilities to businesses and homeowners for over 15 years across three locations in Somerset and Dorset. Their self-storage business requires reliable lifts that offer high availability as in order to offer the best possible service, their customers need to use the lifts at all times - 24/7 on 365 days of the year.

Lödige UK carried out an extensive survey to assess the existing lifts, and establish the space available, the power supply, what site access is available, travel distances, and headroom availability. They then discussed additional potential requirements with the customer and established the best possible solution to meet needs and maximise efficiency.

Lödige UK custom-made a new ESCORTA lift to provide the largest possible cabin dimensions within the existing shaft space. The ESCORTA Trained Attendant goods lift was 1500kg rated load, 2450mm wide, 2550mm deep, and 2000mm high, with customised cabins and designed to serve three floors. Lödige also supplied high-quality steel ramps for the ground floor level, eliminating the need to provide a lift pit.

The ESCORTA goods lift was designed and manufactured in the Lödige Industries factory in Warburg, Germany, and type tested to European Machinery Directive 2006/42/EG. Our project manager and the team coordinated with Beehive Self Storage to ensure that there was minimum disruption to business functions by the installation of the ESCORTA lifts. The team at Beehive Self Storage was pleased with the quick installation process, the tailor-made solution, and the full support from everyone at Lödige UK throughout the process.

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