Commercial lifts in hospitality - lean, clean, green machines

Growth in the economy has continued to rise, and the UK tourism and recreation sector recording the sharpest rise in output growth as British hotels, pubs and restaurants benefited from the build-up of consumer demand from people who have missed the social side of life over the last 2 years. As a result, hospitality businesses and the food industry as a whole are looking to maximise efficiency in all areas. At Lödige we’ve worked with a number of different businesses within the food industry and ensure that our commercial lift solutions are built to follow the latest international regulations in food hygienic. They can also be adapted to fit any specific requirement or environment with a product or functionality-specific approach.

Energy efficiency

Lödige commercial lifts are manufactured to be energy efficient, making it an economical choice long term as well as good for the environment. In addition to the materials being suitable for food environments, sizes are customisable in order to fit into small spaces. There are even products with app-based controls over something bulkier, so Lödige has worked with food businesses of all sizes.

Commercial lift services for the food industry

Downtime can mean turning business away or shutting down, which is why we offer ongoing maintenance and service contracts, as well as having a fleet of vans nationwide ready to respond quickly to breakdowns and offer training as needed. We can also suggest improvements to existing systems if you’re looking to expand your business as the growth continues for hospitality and food manufacturing.

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