Constructionline Accreditation for Lödige Industries

Lödige Industries UK continue to invest and develop their safety systems, processes and ways of working on site. We are very proud of our safe working history but always strive to ensure that we work in the safest manner possible on all sites. 

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All of our Lifts are fully bespoke, so our clients can have any size, load our colour they want. We offer the complete range of goods lifts, car lifts, van lifts, lorry lifts and car parking solutions which are all designed and manufactured at our factory in Warburg, Germany. We work very closely with all customers to ensure that they get the best possible lift solution for their building, taking into account usage, space, quality and budget.

Please contact us if you require a lorry lift, car lift, goods lift or automated car parking solution on 01784 221140 or or visit our website

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