Double 18 Meter Goods Lift Installation

Both of these lifts have a max load of 2,500 kg and a travel height of 18 meters. This product is for goods with an attendant, it is easy to use and very efficient; The end Client is an internationally known retail group with a demanding work flow. Creating a new warehouse with these impressive goods lifts means they are able to maximize their profits by storing more stock.  

Lödige UK worked with the contractor on this project to design a product to save as much space as possible. These bespoke warehouse lifts come with a self-supporting structure meaning no shaft needed to be built. In addition to this, ramps have been used to avoid digging a pit. Each cabin is almost 3 meters long and 2 meters deep which can move a lot of goods at once.

As the high street continues to decline, Lödige are receiving enquiries for warehouses of this size more frequently. The products that are most suitable for this type of project are the ESCORTA and the SHERPA goods lifts. Both are bespoke lifts that can be tailored to suit the requirements of the end user. Everything sold by Lödige is manufactured in Warburg, Germany where the Lödige Industries office is located.

Paul Robinson, National Sales Manager for Lödige UK commented: “Goods lifts of this height are extremely impressive and becoming more common. Our team in Germany monitor each stage of manufacture, this removes room for error and allows our customers to be confident in our product.” 

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