E-commerce Goods Lifts in the Midlands

During the Covid-19 lockdown while all on essential shops have been closed, E-commerce sales have rocketed. An already growing industry, E-commerce has become even larger.

The customer on this project has expanded their business by taking up a new warehouse which will be used to store and process goods for orders. To make the most of the warehouse space, four mezzanine floors have been added to the building. Three Escorta goods lifts have been installed to move the goods between floors quickly and safely. The Escorta allows a trained attendant to ride with the goods which is ideal in shed as tall as this.

All products by Lӧdige are designed and manufactured in house in the Lӧdige Industries factory in Warburg, Germany. The Escorta is high quality, reliable and easy to use with adaptable cabin sizes, loads and height. It can move products over up to 8 stops and requires no lift shaft, motor room or pit.

For projects that do not require an attendant to accompany the goods, there is the Sherpa goods only lifts or the Serwa mezzanine goods lift. Both are reliable and efficient, require no pit, no lift shaft and no motor room. You can use our free online configurator to design your lift. 

Lӧdige goods lifts are installed by highly qualified and experienced UK based engineers. These engineers are experts in their field, brilliant problem solvers.

As well as goods lifts, Lӧdige provide car lifts, van lifts, lorry lifts and automated parking systems. So far more than 1300 lifts have been installed across the country and there are multiple reference sits that can be visited.

For more information on the goods lifts on offer, and how they can benefit you – contact the UK team in the office.


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