FAQ answered: will a Lödige commercial lift fit in an existing lift shaft?

We’re looking to answer all of your key questions with a series of FAQ answered posts, addressing the main issues our customers have faced - or are facing - when looking into the best commercial lift to meet their needs.

Will a Lödige commercial lift fit in an existing lift shaft?

This is most often asked by business owners and architects. It is sometimes asked about buildings that are being developed for commercial use and have had a commercial lift in the past, and they would like to make use of the existing space to install one again. It is also asked business owners with a commercial lift that is either unreliable or no longer fit for purpose that they want to replace with minimum disruption to their business.

Both of these are common objectives, not just to reduce disruption but to minimise the amount of structural work that needs doing and ensure cost-efficiency.

The short answer is yes, with Lödige, a commercial lift will fit in an existing lift shaft space.

Our shaft and cabin sizes are completely customisable, and this flexibility means that we can fit into any existing space. Our use of bespoke sizing in commercial lifts is the reason that so many of our clients are repeat clients - they’ve seen the way in which we can keep their projects on schedule and their business moving.

In addition to just fitting into the space, we want to ensure that you get the best value for money and a bespoke commercial lift that can make a real difference to the efficiency of your business. We work to maximise the cabin size for the shaft space available, so not only does the lift fit, but you are likely to have more valuable floor space than before.

Bespoke commercial lift installation with Lödige

If you’re looking for a commercial lift but you think that the existing lift space won’t fit with some of the most reliable commercial lifts on the market, get in touch with Lödige to discuss bespoke commercial lift installation.

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