First Car Lifts of 2019

The client is creating a luxurious development in London for residential use. To extend the feeling of luxury and increase the amount of cars that can be parked, they have chosen to install two car lifts for direct access to the basement parking level.

Both lifts serve two floors with a 10 meter travel. By installing lifts rather than using ramps, 30% more space was created for car parking. In London parking is an issue so being able to offer personal spaces to residents is a huge selling point for the client.

Lödige UK opened in 1986 and have since installed over 1300 lifts across the UK. All products are bespoke and manufactured in the Lödige Industries factory in Warburg, Germany. Everything is done in house which the company is very proud of. The lifts being bespoke means that they can be designed to suit the customer’s requirements from the cabin sizes, to the travel and interior.

The bespoke car lift range can move up to 10,000 kg at a time and can serve up to 8 stops. If you want more information about the products on offer from Lödige UK, get in touch with the sales team.

Paul Robinson, National Sales Manager at Lödige UK commented; “What a great project to start the year on. These are not the first lifts we have installed for this customer, we have worked together on a few projects in London which I think portrays the high quality of our product. I can’t wait to see this one when it’s finished”

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