From Call to Install in just 4 Weeks

A nationwide self-storage company that has multiple sites contacted Lödige in the UK to discuss the possibility of using a goods lifts to move goods between floors in two of their units. They were delighted to learn that the Serwa was able to be installed within weeks, they did not expect to have them completed this side of Christmas.  The load was ideal for the amounts they need to move at a time. Adding a goods lift to the unit has made the process of filling upstairs units much quicker and easier.

The second company to receive a Serwa within 4 weeks from first contact is a tool distribution centre in Holland.  The customer had seen a Serwa in the UK and was pleased to find out that one could be installed for them in their country. The efficiency, reliability and cost effectiveness makes the Serwa mezzanine goods lift a great product.

Being a standard product with an extendable travel, the Serwa can be kept in stock allowing for quick delivery and installation. Serwa Mezzanine lifts were designed by Lödige to fill a gap in the product line that caters for lifts that only need to move small amounts at a time. Lifting under 1,000kg at a time with set cabin sizes, this goods lift makes life easier when moving goods up to mezzanine level. The lift comes with a free standing mesh shaft so there is no need for a separate shaft to be built. There is also no requirement for a lift motor room.

Both customers have expressed how happy they are with the end result product and the smooth delivery and installation.

For more information on the Serwa mezzanine lift or any of the products on offer from Lödige, contact the UK office.

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