Goods Lift for Electrical Wholesaler

Lödige UK have recently completed the installation of a 3 stop Escorta goods lift with attendant, for an Electrical Wholesaler in Bedfordshire. The customer is so happy with the product and the service they received during the project that they are placing an order for 3 more lifts to be completed this year. The client already had one goods lift on site which was provided by a different manufacture but wanted to increase productivity and throughput. The addition of this Lödige Escorta will make a big difference in the items that are shipped daily. As the Escorta does not require a lift shaft, motor room of lift pit is extremely easy to integrate to an existing building. There is minimal builders works requiredwhich saves both time and money. Now more than ever UK suppliers are in high demand so many wholesalers are having to extend their warehouses to keep up with orders.

As well as dealing directly with the end user, the Lödige team worked very closely with an automation partner for this project. Having worked with this automation partner before, a good working relationship was already in motion and has now improved even further.

There is a variety of goods lift available, all are designed and manufactured in house at the Lödige Industries factory in Warburg, Germany. With more than 1300 lifts installed across the UK so far there are plenty of reference sites across multiple sectors. Whether you need a warehouse lift, factory lift, self-storage lift, retail goods lift, a lift for a manufacturing facility or anything else Lödige can assist. Help can be given with design, drawings, specifications, compliance, tenders and more. For more information contact the UK Office or call 01784 221140

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