Goods Lift for Redevelopment Project in Scotland

The end client was working on a building expansion project with focus on the interior design. They customer being the first-time user of Lödige lift, but had previously consulted on our different goods lift, decided to go with the  Sherpa Goods Only Lift. They did not settle for just the functions of the lift but went an extra mile to have the lift installed with black doors and a white car to match the interior of the building.


As well as the high quality and longevity of the products supplied, Lödige pride themselves in the exceptional level of customer service that is provided to customers, old and new. This project was efficiently managed and delivered. The installation of their lift took a week and was handed over as planned.


All products by Lödige are designed and manufactured in house in the Lödige Industries factory in Warburg, Germany. The Sherpa Goods Only Lift is high quality, reliable and easy to use with adaptable cabin sizes, loads and height. It can move products over up to 6 stops with 18 meters travel distance and requires no lift shaft, motor room or pit. For projects that require an attendant to accompany the goods between floors there is the Escorta Model which also does not require a motor room, lift pit or traditional shaft. For loads above 4500 kg there is a Hydraulic goods/passenger called the Olympus which can move up to 70,000 kg at a time.


For assistance with an upcoming project or to find out about a price comparison contact the UK office. Help can be given with design, drawings, specifications, tenders, and compliance.

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