Goods Lift for Scottish Self Store Company

The Escorta goods lift was ordered and installed during the Covid-19 pandemic, showing Lӧdige is still running as usual and able to meet deadlines.

This lift can move goods as well as a trained attendant which is ideal for a self storage unit. With a travel of 4 meters and a load of 1500kg the lift moves at 0.15 metes per second. The customer wanted to maximise the amount they could store so decided to insert a mezzanine floor into the unit. The safest and easiest way to move goods to a mezzanine floor is by using a goods lift. With no requirement for a lift shaft, lift pit or motor room the Escorta is quick to install and leaves plenty of surrounding space which can be used for more storage.

There is a range of goods lift on offer from Lӧdige; The Escorta goods lift with attendant, the Sherpa goods only lift and the Serwa mezzanine goods only lift.

Escorta and Sherpa lifts are extremely flexible and are designed to suit the customers requirements. The cabin dimensions, travel height, load, and colour can be customised. All products are designed and manufactured in house by experienced staff at the Lӧdige Industries factory in Warburg, Germany.

There is a team of UK based engineers situated across the country who carry out the maintenance and installations of the Lӧdige lifts. All engineers are highly qualified and are experts with Lӧdige products.

If you have a self storage unit and want to create more storage space by using a goods lift, contact the UK team. Alternatively you can use our free of charge goods lift configurator by clicking here

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