Goods lift growth across the globe (and beyond)

This week China has announced future plans for a sci-fi carbon-nanotube ‘space elevator’ possibly the most ambitious goods lift project to date! It’s set to shuttle goods between Mars and circling spacecraft. The proposed ‘Sky Ladder’ system would be made of carbon nanotubes, and could make the shuttling people and materials between the surface and an orbiting station to 4% of the cost of using rockets.

Our regular customers have kept us very busy over recent weeks, with a large number of new SHERPA Goods Lifts. A SHERPA Goods Lift is a simple and efficient solution for the vertical transportation of goods, usually in an industrial environment.  They have a load capacity of up to 4,500kg and a lifting height of up to 18 meters with two to six stopping points.

The required pit depth is very small and can be altogether avoided by choosing the ramp option therefore no building modifications are required. The lift can be easily integrated into existing building and rack systems. Thus, the installation is fast and easy.

SHERPA Goods Lift applications

These lifts are in use constantly in warehouses, distribution centres, self storage buildings and other similar environments, and as a result our customers are needing to increase their level of operations to meet the increase in demand. Lödige Uk have been working with them to handle the goods distribution through a number of premises expansions. 

We’re just as excited to work with previous clients as opposed to brand new customers.  We’re proud that the work we’ve carried out for them in the past has turned us into a trusted goods lift partner that people want to come back to.

For more information on the products available in the UK, contact the team. You can configure your own goods lift for free on the website using the goods lift configurator

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