Goods Lift installation in Liverpool

The 2 floor 7500 kg hydraulic goods lift has a large bespoke interior and large specialist gates to suit our clients usage requirements on this busy site.

Our goods lift range is fully bespoke and we can offer goods lifts from 500 kg up to 50,000 kg with any car configuration or door configuration. We work closely with clients, architects and consultants early on projects to ensure the lifts are designed with the end client's usage in mind.

Click here and read more about our OLYMPUS goods lift - highly efficient heavy duty lift, which in standard version can connect up to eight levels. 

Lödige Lift Solutions - Product Portfolio

Here at Lödige Industries, we offer the complete range of goods lifts, car lifts, van lifts, lorry lifts and car parking solutions which are all manufactured at our factory in Warburg, Germany. 

Please contact us if you require a lorry lift, car lift, goods lift or automated car parking solution on 01784 221140 or or visit our website

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