Goods Lift Installed to Increase Museum Storage Space

The customer on this project wanted to utilise more of their warehouse storage space so installed a mezzanine floor. Due to the precious nature of the goods, they needed a safe and reliable way to move the various art pieces to the mezzanine level for storage. A goods lift is by far the safest way to transport goods between levels, for the goods and for the staff member operating the lift. The Serwa goods lift is user friendly and was designed for a fast installation.

Lӧdige introduced the Serwa mezzanine lift to the market at the end of 2018 and it has quickly become a well-known product within the industry. It is manufactured in house and often available for delivery within 2 weeks of order. The simple design of the lift is ideal for existing buildings as well as new. There is no requirement for a lift shaft of lift pit and there is a control box rather than a motor room. With a maximum lifting height of 4.2 meters the Serwa can move loads of under 1,000kg at 0.2m/s. There is a standard, usable platform size of 1100 mm X 1600 mm and goods can be loaded with a front only configuration or a as through car design. This product is cost efficient, is open protocol and has low life cycle costs. You can veiw the brochure on the right for more details.

There is a team of qualified and highly experienced engineers based across the UK who carry out services and installations of the Lӧdige products across the country.

For more information about the Serwa mezzanine goods lifts or any of the Lӧdige products, contact the UK office or call 01784 221140. Assistance can be given with design, drawings, specifications, tenders and compliance.

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