Goods Lift Replacement for Car Part Distribution Centre

The customer for this project is an International car parts distributor based in the midlands. Two goods lifts from another manufacturer were on the premises, which were no longer working to the pace that the company required. They contacted Lödige to discuss a replacement and were delighted to learn that they could help. The rip out, replacement and builders works have all been handled by Lödige Industries in the UK on this occasion to make the order process easier for the customer. The old lifts were removed and disposed of while the new lifts were in Manufacture so there was no additional time added to the programme.

Two x 3 stop, Sherpa goods lifts were installed for the customer with a travel of 7 meters each. The Sherpa is a versatile product that is designed in house and manufactured in the Lödige Industries factory in Warburg, Germany. Being a free standing product, there is no need for a shaft to be built, or a lift pit. This chain driven lift lo does not require a motor room which saves space and builders works. Where the Sherpa is only designed to move goods, there is an Escorta goods with attendant lift that can move goods along with a trained person. Lödige has a free to use online goods lift configurator that can be used to design the right goods lift for your business.  

There are more than 1300 lifts installed across the UK with multiple reference sites. For more information on the products available, contact the UK office or call 01784 221140. The team can assist with site surveys, budget costs, tenders, specifications, design, compliance and drawings.

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