Goods Lifts for Car Manufacturers in the North

Each year there is thousands of pounds of waste due to goods being damaged during movement, something that could easily be avoided. The majority of manufacturing plants that use forklift trucks to move goods between floors have long wait times for the forklifts and their qualified drivers to become available. In addition to the delay issues, there is often a lot of boxes damaged by the forks which can cost a lot of money to replace.

The end clients on both of these projects wanted a safe way to move parts between floors. With such premium and expensive parts being produced, damage to goods needs to be avoided at all costs. A goods lift is the safest way to move goods between floors, whether the goods are being moved on their own or with an attendant in the car. For lifts with more than 2 floors, customers usually require a goods with attendant lift (Escorta) so time is not wasted with staff waking up the stairs of multiple floors to remove the goods.

Lödige goods lifts are reliable and easy to use. The appearance of the goods lift can be tailored to suit its surroundings, the shaft and/or doors can be painted to suit colour themes or branding. The standalone goods lift range which does not require a lift pit or separate shaft, this obviously reduces builders time and costs. This rang can move up to 3,000 kg as high as 18 metres over 8 stops. Anything that requires a load larger than 3,000 kg can be achieved with a hydraulic goods lift. All manufacturing is done in Warburg, Germany in the Lödige Industries factory which has been open since 1965.

Lödige Industries was first established in 1948, with the UK office opening in 1986. Since opening, Lödige UK has installed more than 1300 lifts across the country. There is a team of UK based, qualified and experienced engineers that conduct installations nationwide. Even though all products are open protocol, there are competitive maintenance packages which are looked after by Lödige engineers.

If you need a warehouse lift, mezzanine lift, factory lift, retail lift or goods lift for manufacturing plant, Lödige have the ideal solution.

As well as goods movement, Lödige also specialise in car lifts and lorry lifts for various sectors like theatres, car showrooms and residential developments. All products are designed and manufactured in house by experienced and highly qualified employees. Lödige don’t have one size fits all approach, products are made to order with high quality components. By offering bespoke products, unusual projects that could be a challenge for other companies are accepted with delight.

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