Goods Lifts for Hospitals

The architect has selected Lödige for this project due to the bespoke requirements. The door sizes differ between floors which is not something can be achieved with standard designs. Lödige team in UK have worked closely with the architect for these projects to ensure that maximum productivity is achieved. The ESCORTA goods with attendant lift that has been designed to suit, moves at a speed of 0.15 metres per second and carries a load of up to 1500 kg. This allows staff to move hospital beds and important medical equipment as quickly as possible.

The ESCORTA comes with a call and send option so the lift can be used to move goods with attendant as designed or to just move goods only. This type of goods lift comes with a fully cladded free standing shaft so no additional building work is required from the contractor. There is also no requirement for a machine room which saves valuable space.

The range of free standing goods lifts on offer move up to 3,000 kg and can travel up to 18 metres. All lifts have bespoke cabin and door sizing options to suit the customer’s needs. With no pit and minimal headroom required the SHERPA and ESCORTA goods lifts can be installed quickly and efficiently. Lödige UK have a team of fully qualified and experienced engineers that install the lifts as well as carry out general lift maintenance.

For projects that require movement of goods over 3,000 kg there is the Lödige hydraulic goods lift which can carry loads of up to 50,000 kg. All products are made with high quality components that are fully open protocol.

Paul Robinson, National Sales Manager for Lödige in UK commented; “This is a great opportunity for Lödige. Our bespoke product is really being put to good use, we always welcome non-standard projects like this one. We look forward to working closely with the architect and contractor throughout this process.” 

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