Goods Lifts for Multi-Story Self Storage

The customer chose to use Lödige because of the great quality and reliability of the product. This SHERPA lift is practical and easy to use as well as being bespoke to suit client requirements. There is a travel of 3.8 metres and a speed of 0.2 metres per second.

The Lödige goods lift range covers goods only and goods with passenger movement. A lot of self storage centres are now being built with several floors so a solution is needed to move the goods with owners. The SHERPA and ESCORTA goods lifts come with a fully cladded self-contained shaft which means no additional building work is required. An additional money saver is the fact that no pit is required.

All of the Lödige products are manufactured in the head office factory in Warburg, Germany. The factory first opened in 1965 and has since manufactured 1,000’s of lifts.  

Lödige specialise in various bespoke lifts. The goods lift range covers mezzanine lifts, factory lifts, distribution centre lifts, manufacturing lifts and warehouse lifts. 

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